How to Darken the Color of Faded Grout

Accredited Applicator
Product Recommendation: Enrich‘N’Seal® or Stone Enhancer (Notes A & B)
Equipment: Soft-bristle paint brush and white cotton towels
Coverage: Approximately 200 – 700 sq. ft. (20 m2 – 65 m2) per coat per pint (473 ml)


1. Always test a small area first to ensure satisfactory results.
2. For new installations, Enrich‘N’Seal® or Stone Enhancer can be applied 48 hours after grouting.
3. Grout must be clean, dry and free of existing sealers and coatings.
4. Apply 1 to 2 applications of Enrich‘N’Seal® or Stone Enhancer using a soft-bristle paintbrush and working into grout joints.
5. If more than 1 application is applied, allow 30 minutes drying time between applications.
6. Using absorbent white cotton towels, polish dry any sealer remaining on the surface within 5 minutes of each application.
7. Ready for surface traffic in 2 hours. Keep dry for 12 hours.Note A: Not recommended for use on epoxy grout or sealed grout joints, as Enrich‘N’Seal® or Stone Enhancer must penetrate into grout.
Note B: Will darken unglazed tile and stone.This recommendation is intended as a general guideline for darkening faded/inconsistent standard and latex-modified, sanded cementitious grout. The requirements may vary depending on the use, porosity and condition of the grout.READ PRODUCT DIRECTIONS THOROUGHLY PRIOR TO USE. ALWAYS TEST FIRST. KEEP SURFACE CLEAN AND DRY TO REDUCE POSSIBILITY OF SLIP-FALL ACCIDENTS