How to Seal Stone, Tile & Grout using a Enhancing Sealer

Enhancing sealer

Purpose: To apply a Enhancing Sealer to stone, tile & grout surfaces

Aqua Mix® Enhancing Sealers: Enrich’N’Seal™Stone Enhancer
Equipment: Paint pad applicator, lambswool applicator, sponge or brush, dry cotton, paper or microfiber towels.
Coverage: Depending on selected sealer and surface being applied to, see product pages for more info.


Surface should be dry, clean and free of waxes, sealers or finishes. New installations need to be dry 48 hours before application. Protect surrounding surfaces. Test product in an inconspicuous area to ensure desirable results.

The Stone, Tile or Grout must be dry prior to applying sealer – the following document explains in detail the definition of the term “dry” as it relates to sealer application. READ MORE

Pre-Grout Sealer/Grout Release:

Porous tile and stone can be stained by grout during installation. Sealing the tile before grouting will make grout removal much easier. Apply a single coat of sealer according to directions after tile has been bonded for a minimum of 24 hours, or apply to front face of tile before installation. Wait a minimum of 48 hours before grouting.

IMPORTANT: Enhancing Sealers should NOT be applied over a previously sealed surface. This includes surfaces that have been pre sealed with Aqua Mix® ProBlock or any other pre sealer, and surfaces that have had Aqua Mix® Grout Release applied. Pre sealers and Grout Release products can cause Enhancing Sealers to enhancer the stone unevenly and become patchy in appearance.


  1. Apply using a sponge, brush, paint pad, cotton towel. NOTE: Avoid overlapping and rundown. On vertical surfaces, apply bottom to top or apply to each tile prior to installation.
  2. Be sure any sealer that does not penetrate surface is wiped completely dry off surface within 5 minutes of each application using clean, dry, absorbent paper, cotton or microfiber towels. If sealer residue is not completely removed from stone and grout surface within 5 minutes of application, a residue may form.
  3. If 2 or more applications are used, allow a minimum of 30 minutes drying time between applications. Some highly porous surfaces may require an additional application after full cure insuring that all residue is removed within 5 minutes.
  4. Enhancing Sealers should not leave a gloss or sheen to the surface, ensure all surface has been buffed dry before leaving to dry.

Drying Time:

  • Allow 30 minutes drying time between applications when conditions are 20° Celsius & 70% RH. If temperatures are lower or humidity higher then these times may be longer. If unsure about the specific job site temperatures and conditions please contact one of our technical advisors.
  • Ready for surface traffic in minimum of 2 hours.
  • Keep dry for a minimum of 12 hours.
  • Achieves a full cure in minimum of 48 hours.

Cleaning of equipment:

Clean tools with mineral spirits immediately after use.

This recommendation is intended as a guideline for the application of a sealer. The actual sealing requirements may vary depending on type of tile and situation.


Enhancing sealer