Bathrooms & Showers

Caring for Stone, Tile & Grout in Showers

Below are some useful tips for routine cleaning & good practices.

1. Regular cleaning using a pH-neutral cleaner. Aqua Mix® Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner is the ideal product as it is safe for use on both sealed & unsealed stone, silicone, glass, ceramic/porcelain tiles & tapware. It’s extremely economical as it can be highly diluted, it can also be added to an empty spray bottle for use on walls and glass. This product is biodegradable & regular use helps prevent soap & mineral buildup.

2. Help moving standing/pooling water with a squeegee, this allows the stone & grout to dry quickly reducing the chances of mould and soap build-up. This will also reduce hard water building up on shower screens.

3. Good ventilation – Open windows after showers if possible, use extraction fans during and after showers. Reducing steam & condensation will help prevent mould & mildew.

4. Sealing your stone & grout with a high-quality penetrating (breathable) sealer that contains MicroBan®. Aqua Mix® Sealer’s Choice® Gold – Rapid Cure is designed to be used on both stone & grout. It’s a safe to use water based product that repels water, stains & mould for many years without reapplication.