Grout Care


Stains on grout can happen – Protect your grout against stains and make everyday clean-up easier by applying a sealer to your grout. Premium penetrating sealers contain higher quality active ingredients than some economical sealers, delivering complete coverage to provide better stain resistance.

Penetrating Sealers

Contact technical services at 1300 AQUA MIX if you have any questions about the right care products to use with your tile or grout.


Q) What is the best way to protect new grout joints on a stone or tile installation?

A) Seal the grout joints with Aqua Mix Grout Sealer, with a minimum of two applications about 3 to 4 days from the day of grouting, to help maintain the grouts original beauty and resistance to water, oil and acid based liquid contaminants.

Q) Does Epoxy Grout need to be sealed?
A) No, epoxy grouts are non-porous so they do not need the protections of a sealer.


Cleaners that are acid-based may visibly damage some types of stone, tile, and grout. Only use a cleaner that is non-acidic and non-abrasive, or specially formulated for stone, tile, and grout.

Routine & Heavy Duty Cleaning


grout cleaner
Q) Grout haze, how to prevent it?
A) Mix Aqua Mix Grout Haze Clean-Up in your last bucket of rinse water to safely remove the latex grout residue off of your tile.

Q) If I have grout haze how can it be removed?
A) If you have a light grout haze on the surface of your tiles, use Aqua Mix Grout Haze Clean-Up full strength scrubbing the surface with a good white nylon scrub pad to safely scrub off the haze.

Q) How can grout haze be removed off of acid-sensitive tiles and stone?
A) To safely scrub off a heavy grout haze off of any acid sensitive tile and stone surfaces we can recommend scrubbing the surface with Aqua Mix NanoScrub or the Aqua Mix Poultice Stain Remover using a white nylon scrub pad and water.

Q) How can we remove grout haze off of ceramic, porcelain, quarry tiles, slate, Saltillo, terra cotta and brick surfaces?
A) Aqua Mix Cement Grout Haze Remover can be used on installations that are not sensitive to acid cleaners, to effectively scrub off grout haze.

Q) What is the best way to remove the residue or haze of an epoxy grout?
A) The surface can be scrubbed free of a light epoxy grout haze with Aqua MIx Non-Cement Grout Haze Remover and a white nylon scrub pad or brush.

Q) How best to remove a heavy epoxy grout haze?
A) For heavy epoxy residue, we recommend a combination of Aqua Mix Sealer & Coating Remover with Aqua Mix NanoScrub on top of the stripper then scrub the area with a white nylon scrub brush.

Q) How can our old ceramic tile or porcelain tile grout be made to look new again?
A) Aqua Mix Grout Deep Clean can be used in most cases to safely remove years of ground in dirt, grease, soap scum, detergent residues, and mold without the use of an acid that can damage a grout with regular use.

Q) What if the grout of our ceramic or porcelain tile cannot be scrubbed clean?
A) Aqua Mix Grout Colorant can be used to re-color and seal an existing grout to look like new again.

Q) What are the best cleaning products to use on a new grout, tile or stone installation?

A) Use neutral cleaners on all tile and stone installations like Aqua Mix Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner to safely clean the surface without damaging a sealers protection or affecting the tiles, stone or grouts original structure.

Q) How can hard water stains and mold be removed off of our shower grout and tiles?
It can be safely scrubbed off with Aqua Mix Cement Grout Haze Remover using a white nylon scrub pad or brush and water.

Q) What can be used to remove efflorescence or mineral salts off of grout and/or tiles?

A) Aqua Mix Eff-Ex can be used as needed to help neutralize and remove efflorescence also known as mineral salts.

Q) How can we remove rust stains off of grout and tiles?
A) Aqua Mix Cement Grout Haze Remover or Aqua Mix Ex-Treme can be used as needed to safely scrub off any rust stains off grout, tiles or stone surfaces.

Q) How can we remove an old sealer off of our grout?
A) Use Aqua Mix Sealer & Coating Remover to help strip off ole sealers and coatings.