Routine Cleaners

Aqua Mix® Routine Stone & Tile Cleaners are non-acidic and won’t damage your natural stone, tile or grout. Many Aqua Mix® tile cleaners are designed to break down quickly and naturally in the environment.

Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner

Aqua Mix® Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner is a super-concentrated routine cleaner formulated for everyday use. This pH neutral cleaner, when used regularly, prevents soap scum build-up and hard water deposits. Leaves a room smelling clean and fresh. The ideal cleaner for maintaining all natural stone, tile & grout surfaces

Aquashield™ Cleaner & Resealer

Aqua Mix® AquaShield™ Cleaner & Resealer is a ready to use routine cleaner and re-sealer, tops up natural stone and tiles with a high quality penetrating sealer as it cleans. Safe non-acidic pH neutral formula. Excellent routine cleaner for all natural stone countertops, splashback & showers.

Stone Clean & Shine

Aqua Mix® Stone Clean & Shine is a spray-and-buff routine cleaner that is designed to enhance the natural beauty of the stone as it cleans. Regular use helps protect factory polish. Excellent maintainer for polished stone countertops.

Tile & Stone Maintenance Kit

A complete tile & stone maintenance kit, ideal for all stone, tile & grout surfaces. All included cleaning products are concentrated, non-acidic, non-toxic & safe to use. The kit includes enough products to maintain an average tiled home for 12-18 months.

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