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tile cleanersGeneral Rules for Maintaining Stone and Tile

  • Routine Daily Maintenance should be done using pH neutral cleaners with a pH in the 7-8 range. These will not harm any tile, stone, grout or sealer used to protect the surface regardless of whether it is a penetrating or coating sealer.
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning should only be done using alkaline cleaners with a pH in the range of 9-12.
  • All cleaners require time to work prior to any agitation and removal. This “dwell time” will be longer for heavy duty cleaners. Aqua Mix® cleaners have recommended dwell times on their label instructions.
  • All cleaning, both routine and especially heavy duty, benefits from some degree of agitation prior to removal.
  • Extraction of the cleaner residue is by far the best way to maximise cleaner performance. This is best done using a wet and dry vacuum. For routine daily cleaning extraction may be done periodically but on a consistent routine basis. All heavy duty cleaning should incorporate extraction.
  • Never use acidic or solvent cleaners for routine or heavy duty cleaning. Acid and solvent based cleaners are problem solving compounds that should only be used when a specific issue arises that can ONLY be resolved by use of a problem solving compound. They are not for use on any type of consistent basis.
  • Remove spills as quickly as possible even on sealed surfaces. Removal of liquid spills is best done by “blotting” the liquid up using a dry white or colour fast absorbent paper towel rather than wiping up the spill. This way the spill is not spread over a greater area. Continue this process until the absorbent towel no longer can absorb any more liquid. Only then will you use an appropriate cleaner to remove any remaining surface contaminant. Applying a cleaner directly on the spill prior to “blotting” can lead to an increase in the size of the contaminated area as well as causing a potentially more aggressive contaminant which can be even harder to remove.

Maintenance Guides

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