Aqua Mix Stone Restoration products are user-friendly and highly-effective. We have a range of products that are ideal for maintaining or restoring polished or honed calcium based stones.


Travertine Repair Kit

Travertine Repair Kit is used to repair cracks and holes up to 1/4″ (6mm) deep and 1″ (25mm) wide. It is designed to repair isolated, damaged areas. By mixing the light and dark fillers, a broad range of colors can be blended to match most colors of travertine.


A Stone Restoration product that is user-friendly, highly-effective, ready-mixed paste for polish restoration and maintenance of worn calcium based polished stone. Ideal for restoring and maintaining Marble, Limestone & Travertine floors.


A non-acidic honing powder that removes light surface scratches, moderate acid etching and wear patterns to produce a flat, even and honed finish. It is excellent for safely honing polished marble, limestone or travertine to a smooth honed surface when a honed, unpolished finish is desired.