Aqua Mix Stone Restoration products are user-friendly and highly-effective. We have a range of products that are ideal for maintaining or restoring polished or honed calcium based stones.



A Stone Restoration product that is user-friendly, highly-effective, ready-mixed paste for polish restoration and maintenance of worn calcium based polished stone. Ideal for restoring and maintaining Marble, Limestone & Travertine floors.


A non-acidic honing powder that removes light surface scratches, moderate acid etching and wear patterns to produce a flat, even and honed finish. It is excellent for safely honing polished marble, limestone or travertine to a smooth honed surface when a honed, unpolished finish is desired.


A Stone Restoration polishing cream that restores the shine of dull, etched or lightly scratched calcium based polished stone. Ideal for Polished Marble, Polished Limestone countertops and vanities. Easy-to-use and no machinery is required.