How to Darken the Color of Faded Grout


To darken existing unsealed grout joints around ceramic and porcelain tile installations

Product Recommendation

Enrich‘N’Seal® or Stone Enhancer (Notes A & B)


Soft-bristle paint brush and white cotton towels


Approximately 200 – 700 sq. ft. (20 m2 – 65 m2) per coat per pint (473 ml)


1. Always test a small area first to ensure satisfactory results.
2. For new installations, Enrich‘N’Seal® or Stone Enhancer can be applied 48 hours after grouting.
3. Grout must be clean, dry and free of existing sealers and coatings.
4. Apply 1 to 2 applications of Enrich‘N’Seal® or Stone Enhancer using a soft-bristle paintbrush and working into grout joints.
5. If more than 1 application is applied, allow 30 minutes drying time between applications.
6. Using absorbent white cotton towels, polish dry any sealer remaining on the surface within 5 minutes of each application.
7. Ready for surface traffic in 2 hours. Keep dry for 12 hours.Note A: Not recommended for use on epoxy grout or sealed grout joints, as Enrich‘N’Seal® or Stone Enhancer must penetrate into grout.
Note B: Will darken unglazed tile and stone.This recommendation is intended as a general guideline for darkening faded/inconsistent standard and latex-modified, sanded cementitious grout. The requirements may vary depending on the use, porosity and condition of the grout.READ PRODUCT DIRECTIO

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