Anti-Microbial technology built into Aqua Mix® Premium Sealers

Microban® – Built In

SEALERSMicroBan® is the global leader in anti-microbial technology and is built into the manufacturing process. MicroBan® anti-microbial acts to inhibit micro-organisms, providing another level of protection against damaging microbes, such as bacteria, mould and mildew that can cause, stains, odours and product deterioration. Aqua Mix® Sealer’s Choice® Gold – Rapid CureAqua Mix® Ultra-Solv®Aqua Mix® SameDay™ Grout Sealer & Aqua Mix® Grout Colorant are all formulated with Microban® protecton built in.

How does Microban® antimicrobial protection work in my Sealer?

microbanMicroban® protection is built-in to the sealer during the manufacturing process. When microbes come in contact with the sealed surface (tile/stone or grout), Microban® protection penetrates the cell wall of the microorganism and disrupts the cell, making the microorganism unable to grow and reproduce.

What benefit do I get from products with Microban® antimicrobial protection?

Microban® protection continuously prevents the uncontrolled growth of microbes that cause stains, odours and product degradation. Microban® protection makes the products in your home easier to clean and keeps them cleaner and fresher between cleanings.

What types of microorganisms does Microban® protection work against?

microbanMicroban® antimicrobial protection is effective against most common bacteria, yeasts, moulds and fungi that cause stains, odours and product degradation.

Does Microban® protection begin working immediately?

Microban® protection begins to work as soon as the microorganism comes into contact with the product surface. It then works continuously to maintain a consistently lower bio-burden than would be expected on a product without Microban® antimicrobial protection. Under the right conditions, microbes on an untreated surface can double every 20 minutes. Microban® technology is not a disinfectant and is not a substitute for normal cleaning practices.

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